Level Platforms Updates Managed Workplace MDM Capabilties

Level Platforms Updates Managed Workplace MDM Capabilties

Remote monitoring and management provider Level Platforms has updated its mobile device management capabilities just three months after rolling them out in Managed Workplace 2012. Managed Workplace enables MSPs to collect complete asset information, remotely configure devices, track locations and restrict user access if required. And there are more new features, too.

CEO Peter Sandiford says that “MDM is rapidly becoming a cornerstone of MSP offerings.” And the race is on for RMM providers to offer a high level of MDM functionality while at the same time providers of stand alone MDM solutions look to win MSP business as well. (In the comments section of this post, CEO Peter Sandiford says that Level Platforms Managed Workplace can function as a standalone MDM option as well.)

Managed Workplace updates now let MSPs can designate a device as “lost” across all platforms, triggering configurable automated actions including resetting the password, locking the device or wiping all the information. As an alternative, MSPs can receive an alert when a lost device is powered on and take appropriate manual actions to recover or remotely secure the device, Level Platforms said.

MSPs can also now view a detailed list of devices that belong to a customer site and receive alerts if a device has been unavailable for a set period, has been jail broken or rooted or the SIM card has been tampered with. Managed Workspace also offers device restrictions, such as disabling the camera.

Other new features include new email configuration, device restriction and passcode policy for Android devices.

The goal is to make Managed Workplace the single platform for management of all end-user devices from PCs to tablets to smartphones, according to Level Platforms.  That eases the burden on administrators by letting MSP automate capabilities such as provisioning for connectivity, security and integration.

WiFi configuration options also enable clients to control telecom costs by only allowing Internet access when I WiFi hotspot is available.

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