Kaseya: Automating Remote Windows 7 Deployments Across Businesses?

Kaseya: Automating Remote Windows 7 Deployments Across Businesses?

Kaseya this week launched an Imaging and Deployment Module. If it works as advertised, the module could help managed service providers to more easily automate upgrades to Windows 7. And on the flip-side, the Kaseya module could help MSPs to "downgrade" or remotely wipe computers, returning them to a known state (pre-virus infection, for instance) for proper use. Is Kaseya breaking new ground here?

MSPmentor hears from dozens of vendors that offer remote wipe utilities, electronic software distribution tools, and automated upgrade software. But Kaseya could have some MSP-centric market advantages over traditional tools like Symantec Ghost and the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

On the one hand, big software companies have strong followings in the corporate market. But a large installed base of MSPs already runs Kaseya's IT automation tools -- often called RMM (remote monitoring and management) software by industry pundits. So the Imaging and Deployment Module might be a natural add-on for those Kaseya-centric MSPs.

Kaseya says the Imaging & Deployment module includes "multicast" support, which allows MSPs to deploy a single image across the network to multiple PCs at the same time. The goal is to consume very little bandwidth while upgrading or refreshing multiple PCs at once. The imaging module is a available now as an add-on module for perpetual or subscription licensing on-a-per-seat basis.

Interestingly, most of the Kaseya Imaging and Deployment Module announcement focused on corporate IT managers rather than MSPs... though I still think the module applies to MSPs (am I wrong?). Also, I need to check in with other MSP software vendors to see how they are assisting automated Windows 7 rollouts.

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