HP Unveils Universal Discovery Manager, CMS 10

HP Unveils Universal Discovery Manager, CMS 10

HP’s Software group has rolled out a new tool to help MSPs and IT pros who must manage both virtual and physical environments. The HP Configuration Management System (CMS) 10 now includes HP Universal Discovery software, providing automated discovery to support the deployment and management of physical, virtual and cloud projects, the company says. (About 40 MSPs currently use HP CMS products.) Here are more details.

The new automated discovery lets clients decrease the time spent on manual discovery by more than 50 percent, according to the company. Jimmy Augustine, product marketing manager at HP  Software, told MSPmentor that the Universal Discovery product unifies discovery to provide information on not just inventory but also on dependencies and also Just In Time discovery, a capability that is ideal for highly dynamic and private cloud environments. The Unified Discovery lets MSPs and IT pros conduct change impact analyses.

Here’s HP’s quick summary of new capabilities enabled by HP CMS 10:

  • Save time by quickly discovering software and hardware inventory, as well as associated dependencies, in a single unified discovery solution;
  • Speed time to value with a simplified user interface and enhanced scalability, allowing IT teams to consume and use rich intelligence hosted in the HP CMS;
  • More easily manage multiple client environments within a single HP Universal Configuration Management Database (CMDB)with improved security, automation and scalability;
  • Save money by automatically locating and cataloging new technologies related to network hardware, open-source middleware, storage, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and infrastructure software providers; and
  • Minimize application failure risks as a result of poorly constructed server clusters by introducing new server compliance thresholds.
HP CMS 10 also introduces capabilities specifically for service life cycle design and IT operations within both HP Business Service Management and HP IT Service Management. It includes the new HP Universal Discovery offering as well as Content Pack 11, HP Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB), HP UCMDB Configuration Manager and HP UCMDB Browser.

HP CMS 10 is a component of the HP IT Performance Suite, which HP calls a next-generation enterprise performance software platform that enables IT management to improve performance with operational intelligence.

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