A Closer Look: Cloud Network Monitoring Provider ihiji

A Closer Look: Cloud Network Monitoring Provider ihiji

Back in April we wrote about an upstart network management as a service company called ihiji which was looking to partner with IT solution providers. The network management as a service company provides MSPs with a small appliance (pictured) to install at customer sites. It then collects alerts and sends them back to the MSP to help with anticipating problems and troubleshooting. Today we have some more background about the company to share.

ihiji’s founders, President Stuart Rench, VP of Technology Michael Maniscalco, and VP of Finance David Rench, originally started a different kind of company – a home automation company in West Palm Beach, Fl. But then the founders sold that business to focus on ihiji and moved to Austin, Texas to become part of the Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) Landing Pad program in 2010. Last year they hired Seth Rubenstein as the director of sales and business development, and in January 2011 they raised $288,000 of a planned $750,000 round of funding, according to the Austin Business Journal.

Just this year the company decided on a go-to-market strategy that focuses on IT solution providers -- a smart move considering that MSPs are just the kind of companies that provide the types of services  that the ihiji platform enables.

ATI’s Landing Pad Program supports early stage technology companies by leveraging ATI’s network and community insight to give new companies a boost. Now ihiji has stepped up its participation, becoming a full member of ATI with an eye to getting access to business mentors and investors. So I expect we may just hear some more news about ihiji raising more funding.

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