Bomgar Promotes Remote Management of Apple iPhones, iPads

Bomgar, which specializes in appliance-based remote support, has launched the latest update to their Bomgar Appliance. The appliance now offers remote support features for devices the Apple iPhone and iPad (devices running Apple's iOS). Like a growing list of IT companies, Bomgar apparently wants to make it easier for businesses and service providers to manage Apple devices in the enterprise.

Bomgar has made things easier by automating "common" iPhone and iPad configuration issues. Bomgar hopes this will drastically reduces the time needed by MSPs, corporate IT and end-users to configure email, Wi-Fi, VPN and other iPad and iPhone settings.

Bomgar says one in three North American companies now support the iPhone as a business platform. Also, MSPmentor has noted a growing number of MSPs leveraging the iPad. Not by coincidence, Bomgar feels "CIOs can no longer afford to ignore the time their support team is spending to help users configure these devices..."

How does it work? Bomgar enables customers to put a custom configuration on the iOS devices, and it works just like installing an app. Configuration profiles are available based on administration selection. Bomgar's approach also works, in part, thanks to Apple. First, an Apple configuration profile must be setup with the free Apple iPhone Configuration Utility. Then, admins make that profile available via the Bomgar interface and accessible to download as the admin sees fit (e-mailed, downloaded from a site, etc...).

As a result, iOS devices can take advantage of features in Bomgar’s wide range of remote support capabilities.

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