Unveiled: The Top 50 MSPs in Cloud Computing

Unveiled: The Top 50 MSPs in Cloud Computing

MSPmentor's sister site, Talkin' Cloud, officially unveiled the Talkin' Cloud 50 report today. The report tracks the top 50 MSPs, VARs and channel partners working in cloud computing. So what's the difference between the Talkin' Cloud 50 and the MSPmentor 100 report? Glad you asked. Here's some basic guidance.

Generally speaking, the Talkin' Cloud 50 focuses on revenues from the cloud -- areas such as SaaS, IaaS, PaaS. The revenues can come from private cloud projects, but more often (generally speaking) they involve public cloud recurring revenues from hosted email, online backup and SaaS-centric services.

In contrast, the MSPmentor 100 focuses on revenues from managed services -- the dollars that MSPs generate while servicing and supporting customer networks. Most of those recurring revenue dollars are for managing on-premise notebooks, desktops, servers, mobile applications and more. Plus the managed services dollars often include ongoing help desk and NOC (network operations center) services.

The Line Blurs

Is there overlap between the Talkin' Cloud 50 and MSPmentor 100? Simply put: Yes. On the MSPmentor 100, some MSPs may categorize hosted email services as a managed service. That's fair game. And we certainly see some overlap between the MSPmentor 100 and Talkin' Cloud 50 report. Companies like mindSHIFT and HEIT (among others) landed on both 2011 lists -- though their cloud revenues and managed services revenues are not one in the same.

In some cases we're seeing a new breed of IT service provider emerge on the Talkin' Cloud 50. For instance, a company like Excel Micro is a cloud distributor for Google's security services.

We expect the line to further blur between managed services and cloud services. But as TruMethods CEO Gary Pica mentioned during the Schnizzfest conference last weekend, MSPs should continue to focus on selling cake (total support services, whether on premise or in the cloud) rather than the individual ingredients (cloud backup, cloud email, cloud anti-spam, etc.).

Ongoing Research and Market Coverage

Here's a look at our overall research portfolio and branded efforts...
  • Talkin' Cloud 50: Identifying the top MSPs and VARs in cloud computing. Also highlights top cloud aggregators, cloud brokers and cloud services providers. Survey runs each January through March, with results published annually each Q2.
  • Talkin' Cloud 200: Identifying the most influential channel leaders in cloud computing. Ongoing and updated each Friday.
  • Talkin' Cloud Stock Index:  Tracking 20 publicly held cloud companies, and offering readers a cloud reality check. Updated each Friday.
  • MSPmentor 250: Tracking the top 250 managed services experts, entrepreneurs, executives and more (runs April through June, with results each August)
  • MSPmentor 100: The top 100 managed services providers, including break-out lists for North America, Europe, Australia and more (runs October through December, with results each February).
  • The Channel Finance 25: Developed by The VAR Guy, the Channel Finance 25 helps VARs and MSPs to find financing, lending and leasing programs. Survey runs each October through December, with results each March.
  • Top 100 Channel Partner Events: Tracked by The VAR Guy, here's the ultimate list of partner conferences, channel gatherings and more. Ongoing and updated regularly.
That's all for now. Thanks to those who participate in our ongoing research and market coverage efforts.

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