Redstor is a disruptive SaaS business providing category-leading backup and recovery software for data spanning on-premise, cloud-native and SaaS environments, all within a single application. We’ve made backup simpler, safer and smarter, with AI and machine learning built into the fabric of our solution. Protect customer data in on-premise and cloud-native infrastructure, as well as an ever widening array of SaaS applications, including M365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Xero and more, from a single app.

The simplest, yet smartest backup and recovery platform, purpose-built for MSPs. Why Redstor?

  • Reduce management overhead and free-up resources
  • Start generating revenue on day 1
  • Get up and running in minutes
  • No hardware to manage
  • Instant user-driven recoveries with Redstor’s proprietary InstantData™
  • Accelerate growth and improve margins by leveraging AI and machine learning to identify cross and upsell opportunities
  • Automatically detect, quarantine and remove suspicious files at the point of backup