Promys: PSA Software Meets Cisco Audit Compliance Scorecard

Promys: PSA Software Meets Cisco Audit Compliance Scorecard

Promys Inc., which develops PSA (professional services automation) software for IT solutions providers, has launched a Cisco Audit Compliance Scorecard. The scorecard capability, Promys asserts, can help VARs and MSPs to more easily pass their Cisco Audit.

In the PSA market, MSPmentor has focused most of its attention on Autotask, ConnectWise and Tigerpaw Software and emerging options like PacketTrap PSA. But Promys addresses the PSA industry from a different angle -- offering deep expertise in the Cisco market. The company's software, originally developed in 1998, essentially emerged from a Cisco channel partner that was looking to gain more visibility and control of its business. Promys spun out of the Cisco channel partner in 2003, and has since attracted numerous Cisco partners onto its PSA platform.

A recent example involves ignite Collaboration Services Group (igniteCSG), a Cisco partner that's leveraging Promys's software as part of a march toward Cisco Gold and Master partner status.

On the Cisco audit front, Promys says its scorecard can help IT solutions providers with three core tasks:

  • Assess a company's ability to pass your Cisco Audit
  • Provide insight into Cisco Audit areas that need improvement
  • Provide next steps to make it easier to pass your Cisco Audit
Promys offers several other scorecards including the:
I don't have a feel for Promys's overall installed base, but I'll be poking around the Cisco channel to get a feel for how VARs and MSPs view the company's technology and market positioning.
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