MSP Software Integrations: Read the Fine Print

MSP Software Integrations: Read the Fine Print

Much like operating systems that have broad application support, MSP software platforms (RMM and PSA tools) potentially gain value as more applications plug into them. But are all integrations created equally? Certainly not. Here's why you have to read the fine print in the managed services software market.

First, let's start with the news: VaultLogix, the online backup offering, now integrates with ConnectWise, the professional services automation (PSA) platform. And Axcient, a business continuity platform, now integrates with N-able, the remote monitoring and management platform. Check in with each vendor, and I'm sure they'll describe the level of integration in deeper detail.

Announcements like the ones above are commonplace in the industry. Generally speaking, MSPmentor receives at two to three integration announcements per week. And we certainly welcome the announcements, because they reinforce the fact that software providers are focused on interoperability for MSPs and VARs.

Now, for a broader recommendation: When you're evaluating tools and integrations, check to see which vendor's APIs (application programming interfaces) were used to write the integration. Then, check around the industry to learn how well those APIs are maintained and promoted. Some integrations involve quick hacks that offer only basic interoperability. Other integrations involve deep integration work and well-documented APIs.

As we all know, not all partnerships are created equally. Take a look at the API information and you may discover just how closely software companies are working together.

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