MSP Services Network: Partnering On Multiple Fronts

As the ConnectWise Partner Summit kicks off in Orlando, Fla., MSP Services Network (MSPSN) is touting recent integration with the ConnectWise platform. But instead of betting her business on one relationship, MSPSN CEO Amy Luby is developing partnerships and relationships with a range of software providers and associations. Here's an update on MSPSN's strategy.

MSPSN, founded in 2007 by Luby, offers a system that allows MSPs to communicate and collaborate with each other for the purpose of growing stronger. The company has landed on our first two MSPmentor 100 lists (our third-annual survey is running now through Dec. 11, 2009).

One of MSPSN's key recent moves was introducing full integration between the ConnectWise PSA platform and MSPSN's rebrandable Virtual Service Desk solutions, which combine remote monitoring and management, 24/7 help desk support, and optional other managed services into one package. Virtual Service Desk was already fully integrated with Autotask (ConnectWise's primary rival) and more integration with Tigerpaw is on the horizon, according to Luby.

Instead of betting her business on one PSA provider, Luby says it's important to work with a range of partners. "We've tried to stay relatively neutral in that arena," she says. "We need to be as easy to work with as possible."

Meanwhile, MSPSN has also signed a deal to deliver help desk and project desk services provided by ASCII Group, Inc., a channel professional peer group; a deal that Luby says has turned out to be very profitable for both parties.

Luby also is hitting the road, hosting workshops -- called the MSP Business Simulation Experience -- at CompTIA events around the country: Chicago had one in October 2009, and there are events coming up in New York (November 11), Los Angeles (November 18), and Washington DC (December 9).

Like the name implies, the workshops take the form of a game where attendees are broken up into teams of six. Within the game parameters, those teams then handle every aspect of running a managed services business, from HR to development to marketing over the course of six months of growth. "It's a financial education wrapped up in a competitive game format," Luby says.

Luby hints that MSPSN will have more news to share before the close of 2009. We'll be listening.

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