Did ConnectWise CEO Bellini Beat the English Channel?

Did ConnectWise CEO Bellini Beat the English Channel?

ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini isn't really known for his shyness or shrinking from a challenge. So when he announced his plans to swim the English Channel (yes, that English Channel -- from England to France -- a total of 21 miles) the news may not have surprised a lot of people. Still, some may have thought he was nuts. Bellini and his friend Bart Cobb have been training for their solo attempts for more than a year, and Bellini made his attempt to swim the distance over this past weekend. They also raised money for an organization that helps the homeless in Tampa Bay.  Did Bellini make it across the channel?  Here's what happened.

Social media played a big part for those watching Bellini's attempt to swim the Channel, with links to a tracker for Bellini (or a way to remotely monitor him but certainly not manage him) posted to ConnectWise's Facebook page and Twitter page, with fans cheering him on via comments and retweets.  Bellini told Tampa Bay Online that he and his buddy trained 20 months for the event. Bellini originally suggested the idea to Cobb. Here's how Tampa Bay Online puts it: "Cobb told him it was crazy, but when Bellini questioned Cobb's ability to complete the task, Cobb said he would do it."

But while Bellini made a valiant attempt over the weekend in a 'boxing match with Mother Nature' he ultimately aborted the attempt. The Florida resident said the water was cold in this YouTube video and the currents pulled him off course.  He was just 4 miles from France when he quit the challenge.

Will Bellini make a repeat attempt? He told Tampa Bay Online that this was one of the items on his bucket list, after all. Or will he move right along to the next bucket list item -- summitting Mount Everest. We at MSPmentor will be watching closely.

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