ConnectWise Partner Summit: Six Managed Services Videos

During the ConnectWise Partner Summit, MSPmentor sat down with a range of managed services experts. In the following MSPmentor FastChat videos, we covered such topics as hardware as a service (HaaS), MSP-to-MSP collaboration, sales and business development, online marketing for MSPs and email security. Here are six FastChat videos with a range of MSP industry experts...

First, please note that these videos are also going viral across YouTube and a range of third-party web sites. Rather than ask hard-hitting news questions, our goal was to stick with the basics: A few quick questions about each executive's background and how they're serving the MSP industry, and some tips for viewers. Check our MSPmentor FastChat video section for additional videos.

In the meantime here's a range of video content from ConnectWise Partner Summit.

1. Hardware as a Service

Back in in March 2009, I spoke with J. Michael Drake, CEO of masterIT (an MSPmentor 100 company) about hardware as a service strategies. Fast forward to the ConnectWise Partner Summit, and I got additional HaaS perspectives from CharTec CEO Alex Rogers. Take a look:

2. Marketing Your Managed Services

Mike Cooch already leads a successful managed services provider (Everon Technology Services, also an MSPmentor 100 company). Now, he's launched Kutenda -- which has built a platform that helps VARs with rapid web site development, online marketing and search engine optimization. Here's how Cooch intends to help peer MSPs:

3. Managed Services Sales Development

Nick Bock, CEO of Five Nines Technology Group, runs a fast-growing MSP that also participates in HTG Peer Groups. In this video, Bock describes how Five Nines is working with Taylor Business Group and KLA Group on various sales development and lead generation strategies:

4. Master MSPs: Assiting VARs and Aspiring MSPs

Companies like Do IT Smarter (here's podcast), Ingram Micro Seismic (podcast), MSP Services Network (podcast) and Virtual Administrator (FastChat video and podcast) offer a range of hosted and managed services for VARs and aspiring MSPs. In most cases, those so-called Master MSPs are both educators as well as online services providers to peer channel organizations.

In this latest video, Ingram Micro Seismic's Jason Beal describes Seismic's ongoing strategy.

5. MSP-to-MSP Collaboration

A range of online communities -- from ConnectWise Network to OnForce -- allow MSPs and VARs to outsource work to one another. And companies like Autotask offer TaskFire, helping collaboration between corporate IT and MSPs. More recently, ConnectWise has been pushing beyond online efforts with multiple user groups worldwide. Here, ConnectWise Community Director Jeannine Edwards describes next steps for 2010:

6. Security as a Service

Companies such as Exchange Defender, Reflexion Networks, MX Logic (now owned by McAfee) and Spam Soap spent considerable time at ConnectWise Partner Summit educating MSPs about new ways to safeguard email from spam, viruses and other threats.

I traded email with Exchange Defender's Vlad Mazek but we didn't connect at the conference (sorry about that Vlad). We've already put the spotlight on MX Logic and Reflexion (here's a video) a few times. Next up, here's how Spam Soap -- founded by inhouse IT, a successful MSP -- is working with VARs and MSPs:

We'll be back with more video soon, including a sit-down with ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini -- which focuses on how VARs and MSPs ("IT Nation") can defend the "last mile" from big vendors and cloud vendors.

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