Samir Ghosh CEO of WaveMaker

Samir Ghosh, CEO of WaveMaker

WaveMaker Enterprise Launches for Rapid API App Development

WaveMaker has unveiled WaveMaker Enterprise, software that enables organizations to run their own application platform as a service (aPaaS).

A new product from WaveMaker is targeted at enterprises that are interested in running their own application platform as a service (aPaaS). WaveMaker Enterprise provides rapid API app development and deployment, and is software integrated with a Docker container-architected aPaaS.

The way WaveMaker explained its new offering in its announcement is that the Enterprise aPaaS adds middleware and Docker-architected PaaS to extend its WaveMaker Studio, its open source development platform that currently has 30,000 users around the world.

According to WaveMaker, the new aPaaS offering provides enterprises with the ability to enable instant, end-to-end custom web app creation and management by developers and development teams. For developers and business users, it enables them to work with standard, enterprise-grade technologies to create apps quickly that can be easily extended and customized.

"The creation and delivery of custom enterprise apps hasn't changed in decades, so enterprises can't effectively meet today's demand for greater agility, flexibility, and support for multiple devices," said Samir Ghosh, CEO of WaveMaker, in a prepared statement. "We offer a dramatic change from previous approaches, even aPaaS. Ours is the first aPaaS software specifically developed for enterprises to run their own Docker-architected aPaaS and optimize cloud and multi-device custom app delivery—from rapid development through ongoing management on their private infrastructure or a public cloud."

Whether it's actually a first in the industry or not, WaveMaker Enterprise could provide cloud application developers with a way to more quickly get apps created and ready to go live.

A few of the key features WaveMaker is touting include:

  • Rapid app development using a drag-and-drop interface, as well as the ability to edit generated code.
  • Auto-responsive apps for web, tablet and smartphone interfaces.
  • Enterprise-standard technologies, including Java, Spring, Hibernate, AngularJS and JQuery.
  • Easy API integration and reusable API "prefab" modules.
  • Team collaboration capabilities, including version control, shared projects and activity feeds.
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