Opengear Reports Major Growth in 2010

Opengear Reports Major Growth in 2010

Opengear, the Australia-based company which The VAR Guy himself earmarked as one of the open source channel's top 20 vendors two years and running, today announced 50 percent North American sales growth in 2010. Here's the scoop:

Focusing mainly on remote-management solutions for IT infrastructure, Opengear specializes in "next-generation" technologies designed to help administrators move beyond the archaic world of local KVM switches and server consoles. In its own words, the company's goal "is to leverage Linux and open source software so we extend the Serial Console and Network Console management frontier beyond the enterprise data center."

Beyond the Open Source 50, we've covered Opengear on this blog frequently, most recently back in September 2010 on the launch of its Virtual Central Management System appliance. We also took note earlier in 2010, when the company closed its first $1 million deal with a customer -- a notable accomplishment for a relatively young organization (it was created in 2004) and one that focuses heavily on the open source channel.

2010 Earnings

The full announcement of Opengear 2010's performance is available on the company's website, but highlights include:
  • 50 percent sales growth in the North American market
  • New security and access features on all products, including SSH access, advanced VPN tunneling, two-factor authentication and encryption
  • The introduction of the ACM5004-G, promoted as the world's first cellular smart router
  • Several other new products
In addition, Opengear representatives shared the following interesting news with us:
  • 15 percent of the 2010 sales growth was in new reseller channel business in Canada
  • The company is expanding aggressively via sales and marketing campaigns in Latin America, where it is currently recruiting VARs
  • As a result of its investment in FIPS140-2 compliance, Opengear entered into partnerships in 2010 with a number of big names in the government channel including  CDW-G, SAIC, Lockheed, SRA International, Harris Corp. and Apptis
  • The ACM5004-G, the cellular smart router, was deployed with ACM for use in remote offices
We'll continue to watch Opengear's moves in the open source channel closely as they develop in 2011.

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