Opengear Announces Revenue, Reseller Partner Growth

Opengear Announces Revenue, Reseller Partner Growth

Opengear's momentum in revenue growth, geographic expansion and new reseller partnerships in 2012 bodes well for open source in the channel going forward.

In yet another recent example of the increasing global reach of open source solutions, Opengear, which develops remote management solutions based on open source technology, has posted impressive growth figures for 2012--while also bragging about other major achievements in the realms of awards, product innovation and channel engagement. And partners seem to be taking notice.

In a statement, Opengear announced an increase of 50 percent in revenue growth in North America and 78 percent in Europe during 2012. Those are significant figures, especially in developed markets where Opengear--which was founded in 2004 and is based in Utah--faces a lot of competition for its line of devices for managing a range of infrastructure remotely.

The numbers also bode well for Opengear's ongoing efforts to continue expanding its global presence, which it did in 2012 by appointing new executives in the APAC region (as well as in other markets) and gaining recognition at the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards.

Meanwhile, at the same time that Opengear is growing geographically, it is also extending its vertical reach in the channel through its partner programs. The number of Opengear resellers increased by more than 150 percent in 2012, due in part to the introduction of a new program for Opengear Certified Partners.

Last but not least, the company grew its product line by expanding support for Cisco Systems platforms, developing a new product for remote networking infrastructure management and integrating with HP Network Automation.

The successes that Opengear chalked up in 2012 provide further evidence of the momentum of U.S.-based open source vendors who are increasingly active on a global scale--a trend apparent last week in stories about MapR and Pentaho. And although Opengear sells hardware, not software, it is not shy about promoting its integration with open source technology as a key part of its success. Given the growth in revenue and partnerships that the company experienced last year, that strategy seems to be working well.

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