Infinitely Virtual Eyes HIPAA Market with Encrypted Cloud Storage

Infinitely Virtual Eyes HIPAA Market with Encrypted Cloud Storage

Infinitely Virtual has added HIPAA-compliant full-disk encryption options for its cloud-based virtual machines, enhancing data security.

Is full-disk encryption the key to capturing the healthcare market? That's the bet cloud hosting provider Infinitely Virtual is making with the introduction of a full-disk encryption option for virtual machines in its cloud.

With the new offering, the company is targeting customers who require HIPAA compliance. Full-disk encryption means end-to-end data protection for information stored on virtual machines in Infinitely Virtual's cloud, which helps meet HIPAA data security requirements.

The company hopes the offering will help it compete in the crowded cloud hosting market by offering a level of data security that few other vendors do. "FDE is one of the essential security elements of HIPPA hosting," said Adam Stern, founder and CEO, Infinitely Virtual. "HIPAA is a rigorous and demanding environment, and only a select number of vendors can truly compete in the space, largely because of the security requirements."

The encryption offering follows Infinitely Virtual's announcement in September of a move into the HIPAA hosting market.

Going forward, Infinitely Virtual will offer complete hosting plans tailored for HIPAA customers, according to Stern. "Our strategic goal is to offer a series of HIPAA hosting plans during 2016 and to bring our distinctive infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) approach to healthcare IT, from pricing to customer support," he said.

The California-based company currently offers much more than just hosting for the healthcare industry. It also provides Web hosting, Linux and Windows virtual servers, email hosting and cloud-based office productivity software

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