Helping Partners Break Help Desk Barriers?

Zendesk, which provides the IT channel with SaaS help desk solutions, has announced that it's joined with industry partners Atlassian, New Relic, OTRS, Pivotal Tracker, Service Now and SugarCRM to launch The company is describing it as "an initiative to create seamless communication among multiple partners and suppliers to deliver an unprecedented customer experience." In practical terms, Zendesk users can now collaborate on a ticket with any of the other 10,000 companies leveraging the cloud help-desk software.

The benefits for service providers and other channel pros should be apparent: A vendor's support agent can forward users a customer's trouble ticket (or vice versa), and all support interaction is logged. End users don't have to explain their problem to support staff over and over, and problems get solved faster and with more overall satisfaction, according to the press release.

Here's what Zendesk COO Zack Urlocker had to say on the so-called Zendesk Ticket Sharing feature in a prepared statement:

“Zendesk Ticket Sharing enables companies of all sizes, from SMBs to large enterprises, to tap into an established customer support ecosystem. As more organizations collaborate within the Zendesk ecosystem, this network becomes more powerful, which translates to a superior customer experience and faster resolution times for everyone."

The Zendesk Ticket Sharing infrastructure is all built on the aforementioned project, which aims to bridge project management, CRM and customer support through an open API. Using Zendesk as an example again, a feature request in a trouble ticket can be added to the engineering team's issue tracking system through the API in question.

The endgame for Zendesk and company is obvious: Customers of all sizes, from the SMB to the multinational enterprise, could potentially see the benefits of this kind of integrated customer service approach very rapidly. And Zendesk is hoping the seal of approval is going to boost the marketplace profile of every offering in the ecosystem and the IT channel.

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