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Nehring Technology: Getting the Most from MDM Marketing

Nehring Technology: Getting the Most from MDM Marketing

Nehring Technology, based in Stephenville, Texas, has been providing business technology solutions since 2006 and became a managed service provider (MSP) in 2010. The company’s mission is focused on enhancing and improving business technology through proactive maintenance and support. This is part three of a six-part series investigating how MSPs can successfully integrate mobile device management into their service offerings.

In our last installment, Nehring Technology was busy educating clients about mobile device management (MDM), customizing MDM for specific needs, and developing a pricing structure that would work for all types of clients. Since then, Justin Nehring (pictured), President of Nehring Technology, experienced a few glitches while testing a pilot MDM program.


Testing, Testing

When rolling out an MDM pilot program to a new client, Nehring hit a few bumps. “We ran into some issues with some pilot program builds. We weren’t able to make it as automated as we had hoped.” Nehring continued, “We had everything ready to go. We installed the new build, but it wouldn’t push out the policies. We weren’t able to make it work as we had hoped.” After making some adjustments, Nehring did eventually get the MDM pilot program up and running. Customers are currently testing a handful of agents and seem pleased that their mobile devices will now be safeguarded.

During the process, Nehring expected to receive pushback from employees who may not want an MDM agent installed on their mobile device. However, most questions from employees centered on what they should do when they purchase a new device or what they should do if the device is lost. The expected pushback never came, which leads Nehring to believe they really see the value in the service being provided.

Education and Marketing Efforts Continue

While the MDM pilot program is underway, Nehring and his team are continuing to do their best to communicate the need for MDM to their client base. LabTech Software, who Nehring Technology has partnered with for its remote monitoring and management (RMM) and MDM needs, has provided Nehring Technology with an MDM Success Kit that contains a variety of marketing materials that Nehring can brand and distribute to its clients. The kit includes educational materials and details about MDM features. It has helped Nehring communicate that what they offer is much more than just MDM. “We’re not just someone that’s going to take care of your PCs. We can take care of PCs, Macs, Linux computers, mobile devices and the entire IT infrastructure,” said Nehring.

In addition to distributing marketing materials, Nehring continues to educate customers about need for MDM. One client on a premium contract recently told Nehring that he had lost his smartphone the previous Friday afternoon. Nehring’s response, “We could have found it for you if you had mobile device management.” The client will be adding MDM to their contract in the coming weeks.

What’s Next?

While the results of the pilot program are pending, Nehring is also watching to see if his marketing efforts pay off. Nehring also wants to work on getting his premium, top-tier clients to understand that MDM is offered at no additional cost. So as clients realize they have a real need for MDM, they don’t have to bother with splintering their focus between providers. Nehring Technology can do it all.

Next time:

Find out how the MDM pilot program and marketing initiatives have been working for Nehring Technology. What has been successful? What would they change? What are their next steps?

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