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Nehring Technology: Easing the MDM Transition with Service

Nehring Technology: Easing the MDM Transition with Service

Nehring Technology, based in Stephenville, Texas, has been providing business technology solutions since 2006 and became a managed service provider (MSP) in 2010. The company’s mission is focused on enhancing and improving business technology through proactive maintenance and support. This is part four of a six-part series investigating how MSPs can successfully integrate mobile device management into their service offerings.

In our last installment, Nehring Technology was continuing with its pilot program and working on mobile device management (MDM) marketing initiatives. Since then, Justin Nehring (pictured), President of Nehring Technology, has been doing a lot of testing, ironing out processes and ramping up marketing.

The Continuation of Testing, Education and Marketing

Nehring Technology has spent the past several weeks beta testing the new features and enhancements for the upcoming LabTech 2012.1 release, which includes enhancements to LabTech MDM capabilities. Justin Nehring was recently able to install the soon-to-be-released version of LabTech MDM for testing and said it should alleviate issues in the future. Just prior to the install, he had a customer whose email configuration was not being picked up on their iOS device, so Nehring configured the email manually. However, as soon as the newest version of LabTech MDM was installed, the email configurations automatically appeared on the mobile device. This level of automation will completely eliminate the need to manually configure devices in the future. During this time, Nehring has continued to educate his clients on the need for mobile device management – and it is paying off. Nehring has been working with an auto dealership to develop a plan for their mobile devices. Auto technicians are starting to use diagnostic tools on their iPads, which creates an immediate need for MDM. They have also incorporated the LabTech MDM Success Kit into their marketing efforts. Molly Williams, Marketing Director at Nehring Technology, says she has been able to use quite a bit of information from the Success Kit in her marketing efforts.The Continuation of Testing, Education and Marketing

Successes and Opportunities

Nehring says he has tweaked his sales pitch to include the discussion of MDM earlier in the conversation. “(MDM) is one of the things that differentiate us from the other guys,” said Nehring. “It may not be the sticking point, but it lets the customer know that you are looking into the future and you’re cutting edge.” Nehring also discovered that, while LabTech MDM’s over-the-air enrollment is a valuable feature; he has found that some customers prefer face-to-face interaction. So, he’s tweaking his processes to accommodate those that prefer a more personal touch. “From what we’ve seen, some customers prefer us to go out on-site to do onboarding,” said Nehring. “With MDM, there is sometimes the fear that we’re spying on employees. The more communicating we do with the end-user, the better. Going on-site to do onboarding gives us the opportunity to explain to employees that we are not there to spy on them. We can help locate the phone if it’s lost or stolen, but we are not going to locate it if we have no reason to do so.”

Next Steps

Nehring is looking forward to the upcoming LabTech 2012.1 release so he can offer additional MDM services to his clients. Just this morning a client called in a request that she soon will be able to report by submitting a ticket from her mobile device and uploading a screen shot of the problem. Next time: Find out how the new MDM features in LabTech 2012.1 are helping Nehring provide a higher level of service to clients and see their progress in developing a mobile strategy for the auto dealership. Justin Nehring will also share some advice to other MSPs who are considering adding MDM to their service offering.

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