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Survey: Most IT Professionals Lax About GDPR Readiness

Most IT administrators are less concerned about meeting GDPR standards than they are about securing their cloud solutiins or retaining administrative control.

Most countries in the United States and Europe are either unaware or unconcerned about the implications of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), according to a recent online survey from Metalogix.

According to the survey, which polled more than 300 IT professionals across the globe, only 26 percent of respondents said GDRP readiness was top of mind when securing their cloud archiving solutions. Security was the top concern for 79 percent of IT professionals, followed by administrative control (50 percent) and service level agreements at 44 percent.

However, 77 percent of IT professionals in the Deutschland, Austria and Switzerland (DACH) region said they were aware and concerned with the implications of the GDPR, which was more than three times the average awareness in other countries surveyed, according to Metalogix.

Interestingly, Microsoft SharePoint administrators were deemed as the most concerned about GDPR, while IT professionals specializing in archiving and backup solutions were the least concerned about the regulations, according to Metalogix. The company theorized that SharePoint admins have a deeper understanding and concern for GDPR regulations because of increased compliance pressures on certain application platforms and a better understanding of the consequences when systems are breached.

Metalogix Director of Product Marketing Paul LaPorte said U.S and European IT professionals need to foster greater awareness of the GDPR if they wish to avoid both profit loss and the large-scale loss of customer data.

"Application databases and files typically addressed most by backup and archiving processes contain massive amounts of content, even more than content rich applications such as SharePoint,” said LaPorte. “While they may not have as large a user base, from a malicious perspective these data sources are huge targets that must be compliant. C-level executives must look for deeper guidance on how to approach this challenge to manage risk and meet compliance regulations."

While the GDPR applies chiefly to companies in Europe, the regulations also affect U.S. companies operating in Europe or those who store European data. However, the good news is that IT administrators still have some time to update their company policies and retrain employees to consider the importance of following the regulation before it fully replaces the current data protection directive in 2018.

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