Five Product Releases That Are Good for the Channel, April 18-22 CursedSenses/ThinkStock

Five Product Releases That Are Good for the Channel, April 18-22

Each week The VAR Guy lists new some of the new product launches we think are going to be good for channel partners.

MobileIron Locks Down Enterprise Data: MobileIron (MOBL) recently announced the release of MobileIron Access, a security solution that is expected to prevent unauthorized apps from accessing data housed on the cloud. The solution will only allow access to the enterprise cloud if an authorized app is being housed on an authorized device, and has the proper information from an authorized user.

Why It’s Good for the Channel: Any efforts to increase cloud security surrounding employee-owned devices is good for channel partners, especially as cybercriminals and hackers become more adept at cracking traditional security means. Plus, MobileIron Access includes integration with Box, Google Apps for Work, Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce.

Dell and Scality Create Storage Solution for Large Enterprise: Scality and Dell have collaborated on the Dell SD7000-S, a storage server designed specifically for large enterprise file and object storage requirements. The solution is a combination of Scality’s RING software and Dell’s systems for high capacity environments, according to the announcement.

Why It’s Good for the Channel: While this solution will certainly only be useful to channel partners selling to very large enterprise customers, the addition of a high density software-defined solution is sure to help those partners cater to the customers who want room to grow as well as the speed to process massive amounts of data.

Voxox Debuts Business Cloud Phone App: UCaaS provider Voxox debuted a new mobile app for its Voxox cloud phone solution this week that is specifically targeted at companies with less than 10 employees. The app, which is available for Android and iOS devices, is designed to allow customers to have a separate business line directly on their smartphones, complete with several other features typically reserved for a traditional enterprise business phone service.

Why It’s Good for the Channel: With the Voxox cloud phone app, SMBs who were on the fence about getting rid of their enterprise phone line finally have the push they need to ditch their traditional wired solution while simultaneously creating a new recurring revenue stream for Voxox partners.

Nyansa Releases Enterprise IT Analytics Service: On Monday, IT network analytics software provider Nyansa released Voyance, which the company is calling “the world’s first cloudsourced enterprise IT analytics service.” Voyance is a vendor-agnostic system that inspects customer data across the network-application stack, according to the company.                                                                                                

Why It’s Good for the Channel: Channel partners (and customers) are always looking for new ways in which to learn more about their systems so they can streamline their efforts and ultimately save money. Nyansa’s solution seems to fit this bill while being vendor agnostic, so many different types of channel partners can sell it to their end users.

Unisys Stealth Now Available for Microsoft Azure: Cybersecurity provider Unisys announced that its Stealth cloud solution is now available for Microsoft Azure, and is expected to provide additional layers of security to a client’s Azure cloud environment.

Why It’s Good for the Channel: While additional security measures on top of those already featured in Azure might seem excessive, Unisys Stealth is bound to be a hit among channel partners who wish to offer their customers an extra means of protection against the increasing landscape of cyberthreats.

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