My First Case of Writer's Block

Welcome to my 939th blog entry on MSPmentor. Strangely, I must concede -- this is the first time I've suffered from real writer's block. I spent so much time and energy focused on the managed services accreditation "debate," that I'm sort of drained. Still, a lot of people ask me "how do you come up with your blog ideas for MSPmentor?" Here are five answers, which may help aspiring bloggers find their own rhythm and voice.

1. Respond to All Emails: I try my best to reply to all emails I receive. I'm up to about 500 a day -- but remember, they involve MSPmentor, The VAR Guy and WorksWithU -- and the parent, Nine Lives Media Inc. And many of the incoming emails are automated news alerts. But personal emails create an ongoing dialog with MSPs, vendors, analysts -- the folks who are eager to share their stories, tips and best practices with me.

2. The One a Day Vitamin: Like a healthy daily routine, I do try to associate one good repeatable blog topic with each day of the week. For instance, on Tuesdays I typically tell readers about our next upcoming event or upcoming travel. And on Fridays I typically update and blog about our SaaS 20 Stock Index. Alas, it's Thursday so I couldn't use that old reliable item today. I've got additional content secrets for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. But I'm not willing to give away all of my secrets.

3. Link Often, With An Opinion: We link out like crazy to third-party stories -- but ONLY if we can add value with our own opinion/perspective in our own blog post. I find most of those third-party stories by watching 102 RSS feeds and several hundred Twitter feeds.

4. Get Out of the Office: We blog live from conferences. If you don't have WiFi at a conference, I'm not coming because I can't stand to be at an event where I can't press the "publish" button at a moment's notice. There's never a shortage of things to write about when I'm at an event. Never.

5. Take A Walk: When I leave my keyboard for a 30-minute walk, I typically return with three or four good ideas.  So, it's time for me to take a walk. This time, it will be a little longer than usual.

Thanks for reading MSPmentor.

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