7 Big Releases from Kaseya Connect 2018

The MSP management software provider, at its Kaseya Connect conference, unveiled a series of releases designed to increase technician efficiency.

If there was a single message coming out of Kaseya’s 2018 road map presented at Kaseya Connect this year, it was the critical nature of increasing technician efficiency.

Kaseya profits the more it can help partners deepen customer relationships, drive recurring revenue, generate higher margins — all by unlocking efficiencies to get a revenue uplift. The “boots on the ground” techs don’t care about specific products; they just want to get through their task list. Between managing endpoints, monitoring the network, implementing backup and disaster recovery (BDR), managing cloud applications like Office 365 and deploying PSA functions to manage the customer relationship, techs have a tendency to view these different task domains as isolated functions operating in a vacuum.

The road map outlined this year is all about erasing those “artificial divisions” and providing as much functionality under one umbrella as possible.

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