MSPmentor 250, 2012 Edition: Last Name O

MSPmentor 250, 2012 Edition: Last Name O

Welcome to the 2012 MSPmentor 250, a list of the top managed services provider (MSP) experts, entrepreneurs and executives. The MSPmentor 250 helps you to rapidly build a Rolodex of MSP leaders from across the globe. Now, onto the list.

MSPmentor 250, 2012 Edition: Last Name O

Shawn ODaniels, Founder and President, iWorktickets, LLC

In 2009, to streamline field work processes, ODaniels developed the iWorktickets mobile workforce management system. Using this program, office workers can determine in real-time the progress,employee participation and cost incurred on a job. The smartphone tool allows any business that subscribes to manage operations, billing and employee management.

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