MSPmentor 250, 2012 Edition: Last Name J

MSPmentor 250, 2012 Edition: Last Name J

Welcome to the 2012 MSPmentor 250, a list of the top managed services provider (MSP) experts, entrepreneurs and executives. The MSPmentor 250 helps you to rapidly build a Rolodex of MSP leaders from across the globe. Now, onto the list.

MSPmentor 250, 2012 Edition: Last Name J

Steve Jackson, Managing Director, Amicus ITS

Jackson has in the last 12 months driven his MSP business to become one of the largest providers of out of hours managed services to the English healthcare industry, enabling medical help to be provided to more than 8 million people.

Scott Jackson, Managing Director, Ordyss Pty Ltd

In the last 12 months, Jackson has successfully consolidated three businesses into one (Ordyss, Managed Services & Logisto) and implemented companywide business system upgrades. Those moves delivered improved operational efficiency and increased profitability (in excess of 100 percent).

Curt James, VP of Marketing and Business Development, StorageCraft Technology Corporation

James is one of the key executives who has led StorageCraft to 100%+ revenue growth in each of the past three years. StorageCraft technology is the secret sauce in many BDR solutions. Plus, the company has a deep relationship with VMware.

JP Jauvin, President and COO, N-able Technologies

Jauvin joined N-able in 2011, bringing a new level of day-to-day business management and discipline. He is responsible for the company's worldwide strategy and operations,including the internal and external processes and procedures that drive global growth and improve operational efficiencies.

Lisa Jenkins, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, OnPlus Coud Services, Cisco Systems

Jenkins has spent 20+ years in the IT channel and has worked with solution providers at every level, including distribution, SMB channel marketing, national account management, strategic alliances, MSP partner account management, and MSP ecosystem development. She was instrumental in launching and leading the Xerox SMB managed print services offering and manages the HTG Peer Group relationship, along with 3rd party integration and marketing relationships with PSA and RMM vendors for the last 5+ years. She is currently responsible for the partner development strategy, community and ecosystem relationships for Cisco OnPlus Cloud Services.

Stephan Jenner, Founder, Future Logic

Jenner has grown his MSP business 440% in the last 12 months. He built the managed services practice from scratch using methodologies from across the MSP industry.

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