Top MSP501 Companies Report Vertical Market Focus

Top MSP501 Companies Report Vertical Market Focus

Legal, manufacturing and accounting industries were the most popular verticals served by companies at the top of the 2016 list of most successful managed services providers. 

Nearly three quarters of companies at the top of this year’s MSP501 Worldwide List and Ranking of managed services providers (MSPs) reported serving clients in specific vertical industries.

Of the top 19 companies on the list, 13 – the largest share – reported focusing on legal customers.

Other key vertical markets include manufacturing, accounting and banking and financial services, each served by 11 of the top 19 MSPs.

Just five of the top 19 firms, or slightly more than 26 percent of MSPs, said they had no vertical market focus.

The data shows most MSPs have heeded advice to target at least one vertical market.

Complete data from this year MSP501 survey is available for purchase, including detailed responses from all companies about the vertical markets they’ve pursued.

But a glance at last year’s report shows some differences between the verticals targeted by this year’s top-ranked MSPs, and the broader list of all MSP501 firms.

In the 2015 ranking, the largest share of MSP501 companies reported serving the professional services vertical (64 percent), with legal coming in second (60 percent).

The banking and financial services (59 percent), healthcare (59 percent) and accounting (54 percent) industries rounded out the Top 5.

Among the top companies in the 2016 ranking, 52.6 percent reported a vertical market focus on professional services, while fewer than half (47.37 percent) serve healthcare.

Click here for full information about the 2016 MSP501 Worldwide List and Ranking.


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