Why Should I Follow You on Twitter?

You did everything you were supposed to do with your social media strategy, right? Your Twitter account is linked to your Twitter button, which you've strategically placed on your website to move your blog readers over to Twitter. You've established your Twitter baseline for maximum exposure in your niche. An email went out to your subscribed readers to urge them to follow your Twitter account. Again, you did everything you were supposed to do, right?

Wrong. You're almost there, but not quite. Think about how others will react to your strategy. Sure, all of those methods will boost your Twitter account in a positive way, but none of them will answer the most common question: why should I follow you? The answer to the question at hand is too complex to answer in one article, but perhaps a suggested way of thinking will lead you toward the right direction.

Your tweets should give some sort of value to your followers. I follow particular accounts because they appeal to me. These accounts provide me with something of value. If they begin to diminish in quality, I seek to remove them from my account; they no longer are of use to me.

Yes, promoting the fact that your business has a Twitter account is important, but it shouldn't stop there. Your customers want to know what they will get by following you. Will your Twitter followers receive a discount off of your services? Do you provide your followers with free tips? Think about what's in it for them, and you'll be one step closer to Twitter success.

Why should your customers follow you?

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