Who Am I? Branding Your Image On Social Media in Three Steps

Who Am I? Branding Your Image On Social Media in Three Steps

Your business has an image. In the "real" world you protect your company's image as best as possible, but do you do the same on the various social media platforms available to us? Do you pay attention to what goes live on your Facebook page? Do you constantly follow your company's tweets? If not, you're setting your brand up for failure.

All it takes is one bad Google+ update to negatively impact your businesses's image, so how do you protect yourself? Follow these simple tips below:

  • Create accounts - One of the best ways to protect your brand's image online is to be sure you are in control of any accounts related to your brand. Without creating accounts on various social media platforms, you, unfortunately, leave yourself exposed to impostors.
  • Develop guidelines - Who will manage your accounts? Don't leave your social media management to your intern. Your social media accounts should be managed by more than one person, so that each action can be checked and balanced. Also, guidelines should be developed to provide your employees with a road map of your brand.
  • Put together a strategy - Updates shouldn't be off the cuff. Anything posted on your platforms should be planned out ahead of time, so that you, as well as others, can analyze what is being said.
What Say You?: How do you protect your company's image on social media platforms?
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