Virtela Extends Predictive Analytics and IT Tools

Virtela, which provides managed network, security and cloud services, has extended the reach of its IT automation and predictive analytics platform to include support for data centers and for private cloud environments.

According to the company, the extended support gives current and prospective Virtela customers three added benefits:

  1. A single-source platform from which they can design and manage entire virtualized networks for their global data centers.
  2. A combination of predictive analytics and 24x7 multi-vendor support. According to the company, the two services combined can slash the amount of data center downtime for a single company by five-fold.
  3. 90 percent faster virtualized configuration, which leads to at least 30 percent cost savings.
According to Virtela VP of Cloud Architecture and Services Ron Haigh, the added solutions are all about helping Virtela's end-user customers more proactively manage their data center network issues and any issues a business customer may be having with its private cloud environment.

"Virtela speeds and simplifies the ongoing operation of these highly scalable environments while protecting customers' current infrastructure investments," Haigh said in a prepared statement. "This not only drives cost out of the network but transforms networking into a catalyst for achieving next-gen data center strategies."

With the additions to its data center and private cloud management services, Virtela says that its business customers will be able to identify and resolve 95 percent of their network issues before those issues actually impact the quality of the service that they deliver. That means major cost saving for Virtela customers, and likely a higher customer-retention and customer acquisition rate.

The Virtela upgrade provides as much good news for Virtela's partner community as it does for the company's end-users themselves. Why? Members of the company's international partner community, which includes a diverse combination of system integrators, consultants and VARs will be able to integrate these new features into their current data center and private cloud service offerings. Translation? They now have the ability to deliver what Virtela describes as "full lifecycle solutions" -- a very attractive offering for enterprises looking for the most comprehensive and cost-efficient data center and/or private cloud offering.

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