Twitter Lessons: Mirus IT Tweets to Help Clients

Are you a managed services provider (MSPs) that creates conversation with Twitter's @reply? Do you think that you're an MSP that shouldn't give up on social media marketing? Prove it by showing MSPmentor how you use our tips and suggestions with your social media accounts. Mirus IT Solutions tweets without promoting press releases haphazardly, ignoring followers, and disregarding its Twitter account.

Mirus IT Solutions, a U.K.-based MSPmentor 100 company, manages its Twitter account with its audience in mind. Here's a look at what the company is doing right with its tweets.

Promote content to help your clients, not for your benefits
Always remember that social media is about your audience, not about you. Promote content that would be of interest to your audience. You want your followers to use your content as a resource. Here is one of Mirus' tweets that does just that.

Mirus IT Solutions ‏@mirusit
The 25 Most Popular Passwords of 2012 - If these apply to you, perhaps it's time to change! #thoughtfortheday
Use Twitter's @reply to converse with other users
Social media is all about conversation. Conversations are created on Twitter by replying and mentioning users. Through these actions and reactions, users communicate publicly with each other, which opens the conversation to others. Invoke this basic human skill by connecting with other users.
Mirus IT Solutions ‏@mirusit
Looking forward to the VMware vSphere 5.1 Presentation by @vmfcraig this Thursday #vsphere5.1 #greattechnology
Promote press releases haphazardly
Avoid using your Twitter account for the purpose of only distributing your press releases. There is nothing wrong with promoting your press releases through your social media accounts, but do so sparingly. Instead of promoting your news, try promoting news from other companies in your industry that would interest your followers.
BBC Technology ‏@BBCTech
Apple voted coolest brand in UK
Retweeted by Mirus IT Solutions
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