TruMethods Prepares to Rally MSPs in Philadelphia

TruMethods Prepares to Rally MSPs in Philadelphia

CEO Gary Pica and the TruMethods team never seem to stand still. Indeed, TruMethods, which focuses on managed services sales training, is preparing to host a Winner's Circle event later this month in February. Here's the update.

The Winner's Circle program launched in January with three groups, and the first in-person meeting will take place at the end of February in Philadelphia. The Winner's Circle effort consists of weekly accountability calls, three in-person meetings each year and more access to the TruMethods team. It's designed for clients that have already gone through the company's Formula Won program, which comes in two flavors:

  • The first is the Formula Won Starter Kit. It includes tips on packaging, pricing and delivery, sales process and strategy, performance tracking, and leadership training.
  • Next comes Formula Won Growth Tracks, featuring daily audio messages, virtual sales meetings, monthly success webinars and quarterly business review webinars. All of the services are designed to cover what Pica says are the two main questions that TruMethods asks every client when they begin using their service.
"I first ask them 'who has added recurring revenue  as a top goal?'" said Pica. "And a few hands go up. Then I ask 'how many of you are actually adding recurring revenue right now.' Not many hands go up." Pica views TruMethods as a mentoring service for MSP's. With over 500 clients around the world, mostly in the United States and Canada, TruMethods uses a "1-to-many" formula that consists of monthly webinars with the end goal of helping  its clients to increase its recurring sales. Pica leads webinars on sales and business content, and TruMethods' CTO Bob Penland handles the webinars on operational content. But before recurring revenue is realized, there are many things their clients need to learn.

"Before they increase sales, they have to understand how pricing and packaging effects their margins," said Pica, who gained notoriety in the consulting space after selling his managed services business to mindSHIFT Technologies. "They have to learn how to become more attractive to clients."

Other than the webinars, TruMethods has set up an online forum through which its clients can answer each others' questions and share successful strategies. Over 60 percent of the company's members participate in the forums. The company is also working on a new coaching program specifically for companies with inside sales and telemarketing teams. That service is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of this fiscal year.

"We're changing businesses and changing lives in the industry. When people ask what our goal is, that's exactly what we're trying to do," said Pica.

No doubt, the managed services industry and IT channel are filled with business, technology and sales coaches. We'll be taking a closer look at many of the coaching options for MSPs in the weeks ahead.

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