Top 100 Managed Service Providers: The Big Question

Top 100 Managed Service Providers: The Big Question

MSPmentor 100 Top 100 Managed Service Providers 2008 and 2009After we unveil the second-annual MSPmentor 100 list on a Webcast today (there's still time to register), I expect hundreds of managed service providers to ask me one key question: "Why wasn't my company on the list?" Here's how I'll reply.

First, I'll supply more information. If your company participated in our MSPmentor 100 survey but didn't land on the final MSPmentor 100 list:

  • Please email me (joe [at] with the subject line "MSPmentor 100 Ranking."
  • In my reply, I will let you know exactly where your company ranked compared to other survey participants.
Second, I'll point out that our research is unbiased and the list isn't sponsored. (Full disclosure: Nimsoft is sponsoring today's Webcast to announce the list and explore some best practices among top MSPs.)

Unlike many media-driven lists, the MSPmentor 100 is not a popularity contest. The list and research report are based on reader-supplied data points. Our survey methodology (measuring managed services revenue, dollar and percentage growth, devices managed and so on) ensures small, midsize and large MSPs are represented on the list.

We explain our methodology in the complete MSPmentor 100 report (available for free at 7:00 p.m. eastern from our Resource Center, with a preview on today's Webcast).

Perfect? Not Quite

Third, I'll concede that our MSPmentor 100 list/research has some flaws. In fact, we actually mention the flaws in the complete research report. (Have you ever seen Gartner do that?)

I'll also concede the weaknesses here:
  • The report does not measure MSP profitability and debt because most privately held companies don't disclose that information.
  • We don't measure customer satisfaction. In theory, fast-growing MSPs with mounting financial losses and lousy customer retention rates can potentially sneak onto the list. (Although we haven't seen that happen yet.)
  • Finally, MSPmentor does not audit survey participants' data. However, we believe the vast majority of MSPs submit reasonably accurate data because of potential M&A activity involving their companies.
Have you spotted other strengths and weaknesses in our research? We welcome your thoughts and constructive criticism. But before you weigh in please take the time to actually read the complete MSPmentor 100 report (available at 7:00 p.m. eastern, with a preview on today's Webcast).

Then feel free to tell us where we hit -- and missed -- the mark.

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