Texas Memory Systems, NEVEX: Flash Meets Server Monitoring

Texas Memory Systems (TMS) , the Flash storage provider, has partnered with NEVEX Virtual Technologies, an application performance solution provider. The two companies have developed the RamSan-80 Bundle for Server-side Caching, which is a combination of TMS' flash storage solution and NEVEX's server application caching software.

The added benefit for both NEVEX and TMS business customers? They will now have a card that can be used with a wide range of servers to get a faster and a more direct connection to memory resources that further minimize the latency issues businesses normally face when using disk or RAID controllers, switches and other hardware and software they use within NAS and SAN topologies. The solution is designed to optimize the performance of virtual applications and help companies maximize the capabilities of their storage capacity. According to TMS, the new solution helps server applications run up to 5x faster than they previously did.

Customers of both companies have already tested the new solution. And according to NEVEX Technologies CEO Steven Lamb, the tests have shown that the RANSan-80 Bundle for Server-side Caching is "able to supercharge virtual applications." According to Lamb, the results are especially true when it comes to VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual applications. The new storage and application performance solution is already available for shipping through both TMS and NEVEX.

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