TeamDrive 3.0 adds iPad, iPhone Support

TeamDrive Systems has launched TeamDrive 3.0 for iOS, now available in the App Store, to offer iPad and iPhone business users secure and private access to cloud data. TeamDrive offers its application with a data protection seal approval (a unique addition to this service) to augment its cloud synchronization tool. A TeamDrive gives the customer the option to run a TeamDrive server in its own data center, as well as the option to run it in a public or private cloud.

All data are encrypted on the originating device before upload, which prevents unauthorized interception, with TeamDrive's cloud file-sharing approach. The company uses RSA-2048 encryption on invitations to share AES-256 encrypted files.

TeamDrive may be used with any choice server: public cloud, private cloud, TeamDrive Cloud or on-site. Users are not forced to operate in a public cloud. Instead, users are given the choice to operate in a private file-sharing service. Contents remain entirely under company control.

For those of you with the Android platform, TeamDrive will launch the Android app shortly, with support for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile phones following in the summmer.

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