Tasktop Studio Sync: ALM and Monitoring for MSPs

Tasktop Technologies, the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution provider for MSPs, has developed Tasktop Studio Sync. The new solution is intended to give the companies' MSP partners and business customers an easier way to connect, configure and maintain their large-scale ALM infrastructures. The development comes during the same week that Tasktop developed a new version of Tasktop Dev specifically for HP.

According to Tasktop CEO Mike Kersten, Sync Studio answers customer requests for an easier solution to take inventory and better manage integrations between network tools.  “Sync Studio makes it possible for software delivery organizations to gain control of this chaos by providing a single tool for viewing the design, integration and performance of today’s complex ALM architectures with an easy-to-use visual design and authoring tool,” Kersten said in a prepared statement.

Tasktop Studio sync gives users a single, unified view across their ALM stack. It also gives them a visual mapping solution, cross-repository monitoring and end-to-end lifecycle traceability. According to the company, the release of Tasktop Sync is another major step toward solving the ALM challenges for software companies that are implementing enterprise-level ALM stacks.

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