Tasktop Creates ALM Automation Tool Specifically for HP

Tasktop Technologies, the application lifecycle management (ALM) and automation solution provider, has developed a new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) version of Tasktop Dev specifically designed for Hewlett-Packard (HP). The new solution is now embedded in HP's application lifecycle intelligence (API).

So how does that change things for HP's API business customers? The new Tasktop solution gives them the ability to more quickly bring new business applications to market because they can now automatically provision their development environments. They can trace application development throughout the entire lifecycle. They'll have more in-depth insight into their business data because Tasktop Dev gives them new contextual reporting capabilities. According to Tasktop, these two enhancements and others made to HP's application lifecycle intelligence will allow developers to slash their cycle times while increasing collaboration.

"Working together with HP, we have created a seamless developer experience that brings all information connected by HP ALM into integrated development environments (IDE)," Tasktop Technologies CEO Mik Kersten said in a prepared statement. "That includes everything from provisioning of source code for a new release to receiving a build notification from the continuous integration server of choice."

This most recent announcement builds on the business relationship between Tasktop and HP that really began to ramp up in July 2011. That's when the two companies were reportedly collaborating on "a range of ALM solutions" for both company's channel partners. Since then, Tasktop has released two version of Tasktop Sync -- an automation tool that helps IT organizations synchronize all of their existing ALM servers. The company released the most recent version of Tasktop Sync in December 2011. And HP has been busy as well, most recently with updating its Data Center Transformation (DCT) solutions. We'll keep a beat on any further ALM development that comes out of the Tasktop - HP partnership.

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