SunView ChangeGear 5.0 Targets MSPs With ITSM Software

SunView ChangeGear 5.0 Targets MSPs With ITSM Software

SunView Software Inc.  has been marketing its IT service management software to a range of enterprises since 2003 and now aims to approach a new market segment: MSPs. The Tampa, Fla.-based company this week will roll out an MSP edition of its flagship ChangeGear software offering. SunView ChangeGear 5.0 for Managed Services Providers will be available as both an on-premise and Software-as-a-Service solution.

John Prestridge, vice president of product marketing at SunView, said interest among MSPs convinced the company to create a MSP version of its ITSM software.

“We had MSPs come in through different demand generation programs,” Prestridge said. “They had some unique requirements that we really wanted to be able to address. The main one is the multi-tenancy aspect of managing a lot of different customers on one platform.”

ChangeGear 5.0

ChangeGear 5.0 for MSPs includes multi-tenancy as a core capability. Other features include asset discovery and configuration management, service desk, service catalog, and change management. Prestridge said the software is built on .Net Framework 4. ChangeGear’s modules, he added, share a common user interface.

In its ITSM pursuit, SunView faces long-time players such as BMC Software Inc. and CA. Also in the mix are cloud-based providers such as ServiceNow, which targets MSPs. And Kaseya, and others which provide service management products, have a history with MSPs.

SunView says it has momentum on its side. The company’s customer base has grown 45 percent over the past 12 months. Revenue has grown 48 percent, according to SunView. Prestridge said the expansion, in part, stems from making its products easy to deploy, which he says is a key principle of the company’s software development approach.

“That is one of our key differentiators: we can implement quickly,” Prestridge said.

Fast Deployment

He cited time-to-deploy as a challenge for enterprise software in general, noting that complex-to-implement software results in projects that can drag on for months. He said ChangeGear offers a level of simplification that lets small organization consume the software. Implementation takes days instead of months.

SunView initially targeted mid-market companies with its software, but the company now counts small business and large enterprises with 40,000 employees among its customers.

Prestridge said the company’s growth gets an additional push from an ongoing service desk tech refresh cycle. He said organizations that purchased first generation service desk products are finding them costly and complex to maintain and are looking to move to more modern platforms.

It’s not clear how many MSPs are in the same service desk replacement boat. But SunView provides another option for those companies looking to change vendors. SunView offers a newer platform, ease of installation, and an MSP-specific focus. What it has been lacking is visibility, but the company is ramping up its outreach.

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