StillSecure, Lokahi Partner on Cloud Managed Security

StillSecure, the managed network security provider, has signed an agreement with Lokahi Solutions, a cloud infrastructure and hosting provider for both SMBs and enterprise companies. Here's a closer look at how StillSecure plans to help its newest partner strengthen its cloud offering.

Lokahi plans to use several StillSecure software solutions in order to add a new managed security services offering to its enterprise portfolio. The cloud provider will use StillSecure's PCI Complete to help its customers meet PCI regulatory standards. It will use the StillSecure Web Application Firewall (WAF) to help its customers protect their web-based security applications from any web-based attacks. The StillSecure Log Management Service (LMS) will help Lokahi customers both consolidate and organize their security log events. The StillSecure Virtual Private Network (VPN) will help establish secure connections between Lokahi's customer's office locations and remote users. And finally, StillSecure's Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services (IDPS) will help the cloud provider's customers find and block any unauthorized data from getting onto the network.

"Our managed security services will let Lokahi customers sleep soundly because they know their systems and data are monitored and protected by multiple levels of security," StillSecure CTO James Brown said in a prepared statement. "The combination of Lokahi's cloud and hosting services with StillSecure's security and compliance solutions provides customers with a solid technology platform that frees them to focus on their core business."

News of the the Lokahi - StillSecure partnership comes less than two weeks after StillSecure updated its NAC solution to include mobile device management (MDM). Coincidence? Maybe. We'll monitor whether StillSecure's popularity picks up over the next several months.

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