Social Media Marketing 101: Quick Reference for MSPs

Did you just take on the task to produce results through social media marketing (SMM) for the managed services provider (MSP) where you work? Or have you been doing the job for a while but still aren't sure how to deliver what your boss wants. Are you worried about getting fired because you actually don't know anything about SMM? Relax. Start here.

Here's a look at some of MSPmentor's previous posts about social media marketing, from Facebook to Twitter, from tweeting to measuring results. Sit back and allow us show you the ropes.

Commit, Start Small, and Be Patient with Social Media
Eze Castle Integration (ECI) Director of Marketing Mary Beth Hamilton (pictured) says that managed services providers (MSPs) should focus on these three disciplines for positive results with social media marketing (SMM) campaigns. “The value of social media continues to increase and the mechanisms for communication continue to evolve," says Hamilton of her company’s social media marketing strategy and practice.

Social Media Lessons: Using the Twitter @Reply
Start a conversation on Twitter by replying to your followers. Don’t ignore them. Would you ignore a client’s phone call, email, or in-person visit? Of course you wouldn’t. Replying to your followers will take less time out of your day than you may think. Log into your Twitter account, follow our simple tips, and learn from Long View Systems -- an MSPmentor 100 company.

Twitter #Hashtags for Fun and Profit: Use Them the Right Way
Have you adopted a common hashtag throughout your tweets? Have I lost you already? For those of you who are unsure of hashtags, you’re not alone. Check out our quick introduction and how-to guide here.

What Do Holidays and Social Media Marketing Have in Common?
Santa Claus prepares for Christmas all year long, and so should you. If you’re a managed services provider (MSP) without a marketing team, pay attention to the world around you, but also, do what Santa does: Plan for the holidays.

Should MSPs Give Up on Social Media Marketing?
Should managed service providers (MSPs) give up on social media marketing (SMM)? If you’re a managed service provider that tells instead of engages, I think so. Take a look at the MSPmentor 100 list, and go through each MSP. Which social media channels are they using? Are MSPs engaging, or are they just scheduling posts?

MSPs: Give A Little Bit Through Twitter
Every week MSPmentor provides you with free social media tips for improving your brand’s outreach through social media channels. Our assistance is free. We don’t ask for donations, and we don’t charge for our services. We do, however, ask that you give a little something back to the community.

Social Media Marketing 101: Document Your Results
Finally, you’re seeing success through your social media marketing channels such as Facebook or Twitter from your most recent marketing campaign. Your brand’s engagement is increasing, customers are receiving answers to their questions immediately, and the company’s total reach is expanding. Since you are the social media expert in your company and understand the importance of these landmarks, it is your job to explain and prove their value to the

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