Servoyant Makes International Remote Monitoring Push

Servoyant Makes International Remote Monitoring Push

Servoyant Company LogoServoyant is fighting for some elbow room in the very crowded market for remote monitoring and management (RMM) software. Having completed integrations with the three major PSA software provider, Servoyant is now seeking pursuing international expansion. The company's cloud-based platform is offered in the United States in Mexico. But Servoyant CEO Enrique Krajmalnik says the company is pursuing partnerships to help expand its offering into Latin America and Europe.

"We are a start-up, but we're very ambitious," said Krajmalnik, who pointed to the company's roots as part of Illumen -- a managed services provider in Denver, Colo. "We're not trying to do what anyone else has done. We have and continue to make efforts to analyze and present our data differently. Our heritage really shows in our product in terms of easy usability. It's drag and drop. Ease of use is a target point for us."

Krajmalnik said Servoyant's AURA (Availability, Usability, Response Time and Alerts) analysis platform typifies Servoyant's unique offering. AURA uses the aforementioned tools to show which part of a network is being effected, all in a single interface. The goal of the data presentation is to show the root cause of the problem. "We profile the behavior of a test over time to find a network's normal behavior," said Krajmalnik. "Then our platform sends out an alert as soon as it detects abnormal behavior. There are other RMM providers that do some of what we do, but not everything."

Servoyant claims vertically-focused MSPs are starting to embrace Servoyant. And to meet international growth opportunities, Servoyant is available in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Of course, Servoyant faces numerous entrenched competitors and nimble startups in the RMM (remote monitoring and management) software market. We'll be watching to see if the company gains critical mass.

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