Recap: Top Managed Services Offered In 2008

We're still putting the finishing touches on our MSPmentor 100 report (which we'll unveil in February), but in the meantime we do have some interesting raw data to share with you. For instance: What were the top managed services offered in 2008? Here's are quick data points:

First, some background on the data. We received nearly 1,000 responses to the MSPmentor 100 survey, which ran from October to December 18, 2008. Of those responses, 423 managed service providers were generating at least $250,000 in annual revenue from managed services. The data points below are based on those 423 responses.

Question: What managed services do you current offer?


  • Remote administration, 95%
  • Help Desk, 93.6%
  • Managed Security,81.8%
  • Managed Storage, 66.0%
  • Hosted/SaaS Email, 57.9%
  • Hardware as a Service, 53.2%
  • VoIP/IP Telephony, 43.7%
  • Hosted/SaaS SharePoint, 29.3%
  • Unified Communications, 29.1%
  • Managed Print Services, 28.4%
  • Hosted/SaaS CRM, 18.4%
  • Video Surveillance, 17.3%
  • Telepresence, 9.2%
  • Digital Signage, 4%
  • Other, 32.2%
Our initial thoughts? I could be wrong, but it sounds like the MSP industry is slight exaggerating its current portfolio of HaaS, SharePoint, Unified Communications and Telepresence services. I suspect many MSPs, for instance, are lumping basic video conferencing into the Telepresence definition.

Still, the data points are based on 423 survey responses -- and many of the survey participants are MSPs I've met at conferences over the past year. So I tend to trust the numbers.

We'll share more data points each week and deliver a major MSPmentor 100 report in early February. In the meantime, I welcome your perspectives.

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