Participate in the Fifth Annual MSPmentor 100 Survey

Participate in the Fifth Annual MSPmentor 100 Survey

Has it really been five years? Absolutely yes. The fifth annual MSPmentor 100 survey is now open to all managed services providers worldwide. Find details and a survey link here. But before you participate in the survey read the rest of this blog entry. The FAQ below explains some of the key updates, enhancements and deadlines for the survey.

Here's that FAQ:

Q1: What is the MSPmentor 100 Survey?
A: The survey identifies the world's top 100 managed services providers. In addition, we will publish regional results for North America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and AANZ (Asia, Australia, New Zealand). We're also tracking Central and South America this year. If we get enough data for Central and South America we will honor MSPs in that region as well.

Q2: Who can participate?
A: Any manged services provider that generates recurring monthly revenues.

Q3: How are MSPs ranked?
A: We gather multiple data points -- such as annual recurring revenues, devices managed, revenue per employee, etc.

Q4: Are you going to publish all of our financial information?
A: No. Read the survey closely and you'll see that we keep your specific financial information confidential. But we will use the data to rank your company against other survey participants. The survey clearly indicates which data will remain private.

Q5: Are you going to publish or share our contact information?
A: No. We don't share your contact info with any outside marketing firms or vendors.

Q6: Do you audit the survey results to make sure participants are being honest?
A: We don't audit the results. However, this is our fifth year running the survey. Many MSPs that participated in previous MSPmentor 100 surveys have since been acquired. That M&A process sometimes involves buyers checking the MSPmentor 100 list for potential targets. So, the honor system has been working -- really well. The best MSPs grow organically or get acquired. The fakers disappear.

Q7: What if I participate in the survey but don't land on the MSPmentor 100 list?
A: Your company can still potentially be honored in our regional lists. We will definitely publish break-out regional lists for:

  • North America
  • EMEA -- Europe, Middle East, Africa
  • AANZ -- Asia, Australia, New Zealand.
We are also collecting data for Central and South America -- with potential plans to profile companies in that region.

Q8: Why should I participate in the MSPmentor 100 survey?
A: Land on the MSPmentor 100 global list or regional lists, and your company will be placed in a bright year-spotlight. Since launching in 2007, the MSPmentor 100 center has been visited more than 100,00o times. We link directly to all MSPmentor 100 companies, improving your search engine optimization. We also offer media templates to help you promote your MSPmentor 100 honor to existing and target customers.

Q9: How is this year's survey different than previous MSPmentor 100 surveys?
A: We've adjusted it in multiple ways. Including...
  • Small MSPs Still Welcome: We're more clearly honoring MSPs in specific regions, so that you can celebrate your success in your region without having to worry about competing with big, global MSPs that may outrank you on the global list.
  • Job Creators Honored: Which MSPs created the most jobs in 2011? We're going to honor them.
  • Vertical Markets Honored: We've expanded our list of vertical markets covered, so that we can potentially honor MSPs serving specific verticals.
Q10: What's the deadline for participation?
A: The fifth-annual MSPmentor 100 survey runs October 5, 2011 through December 23, 2011. Results will be announced in February 2012.

Q11: When will results be announced?
A: The MSPmentor results will be announced February 2012.

Q13: After I complete the survey what do I need to do?
A: Absolutely nothing. We will be in touch when the results are announced in February 2012. If we have any questions about the data you submitted we'll be in touch in January 2012.

Q14: What if I complete the survey and don't land on the MSPmentor 100 report and/or the associated regional lists: Did I waste my time?
A: Absolutely not. After the results are announced, you can determine your overall ranking vs. the MSPmentor 100 companies. But we need you to complete the survey to deliver that statistic to you.

Q15: I've still got more questions. Where can I get help?
A: Email Editorial Director Joe Panettieri, joe [at] NineLivesMediaInc [dot] com.

Thanks in advance to those who participate in the survey.
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