ntr_global_logo_2 Clients count on you to ensure  systems and users  operate effectively, efficiently, and at an economical cost. The  ability to respond quickly and resolve user issues with minimal downtime is crucial to maintaining and delivering upon your SLA commitments .

NTRsupport Ultimate will enable you to meet and exceed customer expectations. Compatible with multiple operating systems and allowing you to provide support to multiple types of devices  including laptops, desktops, servers and mobile devices, NTRsupport Ultimate will decrease customer downtime and increase your ability to respond immediately to customer issues.

Increase support staff productivity and do more with the same number of employees, maintaining or even decreasing payroll expenses.

Not all remote control solutions are created equal.  NTRsupport Ultimate can be easily integrated with  your CRM, PSA , ticketing and other business systems.

NTRglobal offers leading edge security, the fastest connection time and the smallest footprint in the industry and flexible licensing options to meet your specific needs and help you make every budget dollar count.

Talk to us today and learn what 17,000 other customers and top Managed Service Providers already know and put NTRglobal solutions to work for you.

Visit http://www.ntrsupport.com for more information.

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