The nanoRep Help Desk and Service Desk Widget: An Update

The nanoRep Help Desk and Service Desk Widget: An Update

In early August we spotted nanoRep -- a help desk and service desk specialist that promotes an automated service widget. Now, nanoRep CEO Doron Herzlich explains how nanoRep intends to stand out in the crowded service desk market.

"Our concept of technology is a self-learning knowledge base that learns the entire scope of questions coming in from end-users," Herzlich explained. "It's going all the time, every minute. It analyzes end-user questions and answers them accurately and timely."

According to Herzlich, nanoRep's widget answers about 190,000 questions accurately, no matter how the question is phrased, which reduces email exchanges between customer and client. So do the math. If you take Microsoft's word for it, the cost of one support email exchange is about $2.40. Multiply that by 190,000, and you've just saved $456,000.

We really that's fuzzy math... but nanoRep seems to be catching on. The company now has more than 100 customers in North America and Europe. nanoRep also believes its widget can help service desks convert potential customers into paying customers. "Customers using the nanoRep widget have increased their conversion rate anywhere from .5 to 15 percent," he said. "Social media brings people together. We convert people. That's the difference."

Eight nanoRep engineers spent about three years developing the initial nanoRep widget, which claims to support any website with active traffic. Herzlich asserted: "nanoRep is the first ticketing system that provides instant, accurate answers for customers. We didn't invent self-service, but instant self-service. And as we continue to grow, I'm sure we'll see some competition come up.

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