My Dead Notebook: Cloud Backup and Restore Don't Fail Me Now

The day is off to a depressing start. I'm blogging from my iPad because my laptop's hard drive died last night. But the bad news could have a decent ending. This is my third hard drive failure in three years -- and for the first time all of my data is backed up in the cloud. Also, I'm fortunate to be surrounded by MSPs who offered good advice here at the HTG Peer Groups Spring Conference in Dallas. I'd like to thank several of those folks...

Aaron from VARvid Video, Dave from Evolve Technologies and Lyf from Mytech Partners . When my notebook died I reached out to Dave for guidance. He immediately pointed me to Lyf, who has tech expertise tied to my specific notebook model. Around the same time Aaron showed up with some diagnostics software to assist the cause. It was like having my own Genius Bar in the event hotel.

Lyf determined that my hard drive was beyond repair. But at least I had clarity (no need to stay up all night troubleshooting the system) and peace of mind (a copy of my notebook data was safely backed up in the cloud). And now I'm off to find a replacement hard drive.

Thanks again to the HTG team members. My iPad certainly is handy as an emergency backup system for blogging. But I look forward to getting my notebook repaired today... I just don't enjoy blogging on a tablet...

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