MSPs: Social Media Marketing Is Not About You, But Customers

Social media marketing (SMM) is not about promoting your business: It's about providing solutions. Always ask: How can I be helpful to my followers? Develop campaigns around the needs of your clients, and you'll be on your way to positive results.

Why do you follow brands on Facebook? Do you follow brands to learn about newly appointed CEOs? No, of course not. According to a recent Pitney Bowes survey, only 26 percent of consumers say that they use social media to follow brands, so it's time for you to make your brand worthwhile.

  • Solve problems -- In order to provide solutions, you need to understand the troubles of your followers. Before developing any SMM campaign, think about your clients first. Why are they following you? In fact, an even better question would be: Why should they follow you?
  • Reverse roles -- If you were your client, a business in need of a managed services provider (MSP), which questions would you want answered? Which issues are you hoping to resolve? Remember: As an MSP, you're filling a void; you're filling a hole. Provide something to your clients that your competitors are not.
  • It's not about you -- Your clients do not care about promoting your brand; they care about promoting their own cause. The solution? Connect your brand and their cause together to effectively promote your own brand -- but make it subtle. Make it about them, however, make it also about you.
Provide solutions to your clients on your social media accounts, and you'll be providing managed services to them in no time. They want to know that you're dedicated to their cause, so show it.
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