MSPs: Bowman Williams Wants to Hire Your Employees

In 2013, many CIOs believe that overall hiring will improve significantly, which means there's a good chance that managed services providers (MSPs) will look into expanding staff numbers by hiring more employees. If you're searching for possible candidates in the field, Bowman Williams wants to hear from you. The company connects potential candidates with the required customer-service oriented approach that managed services providers and cloud solution providers need. John Davenjay, president of Bowman Williams, gave us the scoop.

Davenjay explains that MSPs are in growth mode at the moment. "They are hiring all different types of people," Davenjay says, "Almost all clients are looking for sales people. (For those MSPs that are looking to hire a sales team on their own, MSPmentor will be hosting its Channel Expert Hour webcast on November 1 to discuss the hiring of a sales team). Operation managers are also high in demand.

Bowman Williams doesn't wait for clients to ask for candidates. Instead, the company recruits for position at all times. "We proactively recruit individuals at various salaries, automatically," says Davenjay. "We are always recruiting for a positions, even if a client doesn't ask this of us." Davenjay explains that Bowman Williams does this to provide clients with a speedy turnaround time.

According to Davenjay, the company looks for candidates with tangible experience, so they are less of a risk. In addition, Bowman Williams searches for candidates who are reliable, have a strong IT background, and have experience in managing multi-environments. "Have they been in the field, says Davenjay. "Do they present and communicate well?"

Davejay provides advice to recent graduates who are looking to get into the IT field, "Play with cutting edge technology, take internships, and get your basic certifications." He also emphasizes that it's a competitive market, and "clients should be picky."

Bowman Williams, according to Davenjay, currently works with a variety of MSPs on the MSPmentor 100 list including: ZyEdge, Dataprise, Apptix, Virtacore, Ntiva, Chips Technology, DesignData, Lloyd Group, and more.

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