MSPmentor 250: The Top Managed Services Experts, Part V

MSPmentor 250: The Top Managed Services Experts, Part V

Our third-annual MSPmentor 250 report is now complete and ready for you to read. But before I introduce you to this year's top managed services executives, experts, entrepreneurs, community leaders and coaches, I'd like to share a brief story about how we pulled together this year's MSPmentor 250 list. Here are the details and links to the third-annual MSPmentor 250 report.

Rewind to October 2009. Our second annual MSPmentor 250 list was online (in HTML format) but the complete report (a massive PDF) had yet to go live. During a cab ride in Las Vegas (while attending SMB Nation Fall 2009), Level Platforms VP Dan Wensley politely (but firmly) reminded me that I owed readers the MSPmentor 250 PDF. A few days later, after Tweeting far too often from Vegas, I finally got around to publishing that PDF.

This year we took some steps to make sure I didn't make the same slacker mistake twice. So, here's how we'll unveil this year's MSPmentor 250...

The MSPmentor 250 (2010 Edition), Complete PDF Download...

You'll find the complete report -- including executive bios and individual claims to fame -- live right now in the MSPmentor Resource Center (registration required).

The MSPmentor 250 (2010 Edition), Web Pages...

You'll also find HTML links to the MSPmentor 250 members as well. We're unveiling the list in Reverse Alphabetical Order this year (that's Z through A, folks). So, the list includes:
  • Part I (A through C) - Available Friday, Aug. 20
  • Part II (C through H) - Available Thursday, Aug. 19
  • Part III (H through M) - Available Wednesday, Aug. 18
  • Part IV (M through S) - Available Tuesday, Aug. 17
  • Part V - Available now (S through Z, posted Monday, Aug. 16)
Also coming Aug. 20: MSPmentor 250 list members sorted in new ways, including by company name, area of specialty, region and so forth. Confused? Check out the MSPmentor 250 center for all of our existing and forthcoming coverage.

How We Produced the MSPmentor 250

In order to be considered for the MSPmentor 250, members had to be nominated during our survey -- which ran from May through July 23, 2010. We narrowed down the list based on specific achievements ("Jane Doe increased her company's recurring revenue by 50 percent") rather than feel-good statements ("John Doe is a smart industry leader").

So, how is the MSPmentor 250 (2010 Edition) different from previous editions? Here are a few thoughts:
  • More geographic diversity: You'll find far more executives representing Europe, Australia and South Africa this time around.
  • More corporate diversity: In previous editions, some companies had six (or more...) employees land on the list. This year, no single company has more than three list members.
  • More specializations: You'll find far more coaches and community leaders on this year's list (previous lists focused mainly on executives and entrepreneurs).
We'll share more facts and details each day this week. But to put it simply:
  • Visit the MSPmentor Resource Center to download a 33-page, in-depth PDF right now (registration required).
  • Visit the MSPmentor 250 center for HTML links and new names, which will be unveiled incrementally Aug. 16 through Aug. 20.
Thanks again to all of those who participated in the MSPmentor 250 survey.

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