MSPmentor 250: That's a Wrap (Or Is It?)

MSPmentor 250: That's a Wrap (Or Is It?)

I'm pleased to say the entire MSPmentor 250 is now live. As promised, this year's edition is far more than a spreadsheet listing. We've incorporated photos, videos, bios and social media links so that you can network up with peer MSPmentor 250 members. But are we really done with this year's MSPmentor 250? Truly? Well, actually...

... the answer is no. Check back in the week of August 8. We've got a few more surprises to deliver. They include:

1. The MSPmentor 250 PDF: a single download so that you can sort through the MSPmentor list an bios offline.

2. Look Who's Locked in the NOC: Some folks have asked to create a Hall of Fame list. I'm not a big Hall of Fame fan. So we're taking a slightly different approach. The "Locked in the NOC" list will feature the biggest names that folks already know. The idea is to give the industry's top folks a "forever" list -- they're forever Locked in our NOC. The move will allow our 2012 MSPmentor 250 list to feature more up-and-comers and talent we've otherwise overlooked.

Watch for both items to debut the week of August 8.

Our Next Surveys

In the meantime, thanks to those who participated in this year's MSPmentor 250 survey. Or next surveys are as follows...
Thanks again.
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