MSPmentor 250: Australia MSP Training Experts Emerge

Our fourth-annual MSPmentor 250 list debuted last week. Now, we're busy profiling many of the managed services experts, executives and entrepreneurs who landed on the list. Today, we turn our attention to Australia and New Zealand, where Rob Anderson and Clint Bratton – co-Founders of Winning New Clients – are teaching MSPs an invaluable lesson: talking tech works behind the servers, but talking finance works in front of customers.

In just 18 months, Anderson and Bratton claim, the duo has helped over 100 MSPs in Australia and New Zealand change their dialogue and their revenue figures, creating long-term recurring revenue plans through a one-day business development program. But let’s back up for a minute. Who are these two MSP money strategists?

Bratton began working as a consultant for Kaseya in 2008 to help the company penetrate Australia and New Zealand. Then he realized a common mistake MSPs were making when speaking with clients. “They speak about technology on a very high level,” he said. “Unfortunately, that’s how they speak to their SMB customers. The SMBs just want the technology to work. They really care about the money angle.” Bratton recognized there was no sales training for MSPs in his part of the world, so he put together an end-to-end marketing strategy for MSPs. And that’s where Anderson came in.

Rob Anderson has been a sales performance consultant and trainer across 30 countries for the last 25 years. You can read more about his career here, but in short, the guy knows how to make money. And after sharing his revenue secrets with global organizations in the U.K. and Australia, Anderson has taken his talents to the MSP space.

“Over the past 15-16 months we’ve started 15, one-day marketing and sales training programs in Australia and new Zealand,” Anderson said. Each one-day training session costs $1,995 Australian dollars per employee. Winning New Clients runs those employees through 14 different tools to increase their recurring revenue. Then they practice staged scenarios so that they can work on how to speak to potential clients.

There are 25 total tools clients can download through the online suite to help their sales strategy, including campaign and brand planning tools, a website CMS template, and best practice white paper tips for SMB ITs. “The tools are based on client needs,” Anderson continued. “Basically what we are creating here is a CRM for an MSP.”

Winning New Clients is going through the same cloud transformation as its MSP clients. Bratton and Anderson are working on a cloud-based training and tools suite, and working with Kaseya to approach new regions geographically. The cloud expansion should happen in January 2012.

Something to keep in mind: Bandwidth in some Asia-Pacific areas costs about $5 per megabyte, compared to 30 cents in the U.S., so Anderson expects the hybrid cloud to be far more popular among MSPs in Australia and New Zealand.

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